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Falling Skies – Season 4

Falling Skies – Season 4

44 min

Now showing: Episode 12

Latest episode: 121110

Country: United States

Director: Robert Rodat

Actors: Noah Wyle

Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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Movie plot

The 2nd Mass arrive back in Charleston after 23 days of travel, but their celebrations are cut short when the Espheni attack. When the Espheni deploy mechs and a new weapon that creates impenetrable fences of energy between metal obelisks against the group, the 2nd Mass is split apart. The pressure continues to mount for survivors as they try to regain control of earth. Keeping up their fight in the war is becoming increasingly difficult as their hopes of life after the alien destruction become more of a distant reality. With the new capitol in Charleston, the 2nd Mass could end up revisiting old territory.

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