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Kai Feng Qitan: Zhege Baogong Bu Taixing

Kai Feng Qitan: Zhege Baogong Bu Taixing

Kaifeng Strange Tales: This Lord Bao is Not That Great, 开封奇谈-这个包公不太行

Now showing: Episode 09

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Genres: Action, Comedy, Historical

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Movie plot

North Song Dynasty in ancient China, a legendary figure emerged in North Song’s capital Kai Feng. He is governor Zheng Bao. Peasants call him Bao Gong (Lord Bao). In a corrupted government, he differentiates himself by demonstrating extreme honestly, uprightness, impartiality, and the courage to uphold justice, which, won him the title “Justice Bao”. In Chinese folklore, Zheng Bao is the reincarnation of Megrez (Chinese God of Wisdom) and possesses supernatural powers. Kai Feng Story tells the legend of Bao Gong in a brand new type of personality.

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