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Set the Thames on Fire

Set the Thames on Fire

83 min

Country: United Kingdom

Actors: Noel FieldingSadie FrostSally Phillips

Genres: Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi

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Movie plot

The film tells a story of two young boy who are a piano player ( Art) and a compulsive liar ( Sal). Art teams up with Sal to pass through hard trials in the a dystopian London especially they want to escapes the rule of a grotesque impresario. Movie sets – Official Kodi W, LAPD Says I Cant Film A Movie Set – YouT, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial – Wikipe, Abandoned Movie Set Rotting Away – YouT, List of films set in Los Angeles – Wikipe, Set It Up (2018) – Rotten Tomat, T-shirt shop – Review of Maggie’s Diner From Wild Hogs , Finding E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial : The Filming Locations , Hobbiton Movie Set (Hinuera) – 2020 All You Need to Know , Film Set Etiquette: 6 Rules for When to Speak and When to ,

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