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Super Milk-chan (Dub)

Super Milk-chan (Dub)


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Genres: Action, Comedy, Parody, Sci-Fi

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Movie plot

Milk-chan is a girl who lives in a house stuck on the side of a building with her two sidekicks: Tetsu-ko, a paranoid robot that looks like a bottle and Hanage, a green blob with a mustache.Milk is poor and she can’t pay the rent, especially after her attempt to extort a local ant family fails. However, she is saved because the president himself offers her a job (some sort of a secret mission). Milk-chan answers the phone to receive missions from The President by saying something like “Hello, Bank of Hokkaido. Just kidding!”After getting her mission, Milk-chan and her sidekicks take off aboard the “Milk-6” helicopter to go on her mission. Did I tell you this is a spoof of 1970s spy thrillers or some sort of Bond movies?

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