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The Hard Word

The Hard Word

102 min

Country: United Kingdom

Actors: Guy PearceJoel EdgertonRachel Griffiths

Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime

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Movie plot

The film tells a story of three brothers who are convicted of crime and are in prison. Dale is leader of team, he and his brothers are hungry to come out of prison so they team up with their lawyer to have a special deal. The Hard Way (1991) – I, The Hard Word (2002) – I, The Hard Word (2003) – Rotten Tomat, Hard Eight (1996) – Rotten Tomat, The Hate U Give | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century , The Hard Way (1991) – Frog Dog scene – YouT, Hard Eight (film) – Wikipe, The Hard Way (1943 film) – Wikipe, The Hard Way | Netf,

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