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Xiong Chumo Zhi: Conglin Zongdongyuan (Dub)

Xiong Chumo Zhi: Conglin Zongdongyuan (Dub)

Boonie Bears: Forest Frenzy, Forest Frenzy of Boonie Bears, 熊出没之丛林总动员

Now showing: Episode 104

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Genres: Comedy, Kids

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Movie plot

Having had a taste of carnival life in town, the Bear Brothers return to the forest to start anew. But aside from the joy of meeting old friends, the bears must again cope with the dull-but-driven Logger Vick! That shiny-pated villain is determined to crush their renewed efforts to protect the forest they love. If he can dispatch the Bear Brothers, Vick will realize his evil dream of riches through total destruction of the forest. Fortunately the Brothers and their friends have a forest full of surprises in store for him! Boonie Bears: Forest Frenzy features Briar and Bramble Bear doing what they do best: creating non-stop laughs for kids around the world!

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